15 nov 08 Media and US elections analysis

By Jesse Stanchak, Slate Magazine


Everyone fronts Sen. Hillary Clinton emerging as a top candidate for secretary of state in the Obama administration. After meeting with Obama in Chicago on Thursday, Clinton joins Sen. John Kerry and Gov. Bill Richardson on the short list for the post. The NYT adds that while no specific job offers were made, secretary of state isn’t the only position the two former rivals discussed. Naturally, none of the papers has any named sources on this info, and the LAT even goes so far as to ponder aloud why staffers might have decided to leak this to the press. Is Clinton trying to create a tide of public support to bolster her chances? Maybe Obama is just testing public reaction to her possible nomination?

The WP
notes that Clinton’s simple refusal to comment on the story marks a real departure from her earlier claims that she’d prefer to remain in the Senate. The NYT says a cabinet post may be appealing to Clinton because she’s finding her influence in the Senate limited by her relatively junior standing. The LAT argues Clinton could face a contentious confirmation hearing if she’s offered the job, due largely to her husband’s ties to foreign donors, but the WP suggests Clinton would be buoyed through by her good relations with her fellow senators.

The NYT frets about the influence of lobbyists on the Obama transition team.

The WP goes inside with a look at the constraints the next secretary of state will have to work against while trying to shore up the department.




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