Análisis de la cobertura periodística al proceso electoral

By Daniel Politi

The Wall Street Journal leads its world-wide newsbox with Republicans in the House blocking a Democratic energy proposal to expand oil and gas drilling without lifting the federal ban on new offshore exploration. Republicans are embracing the “drill now” message as it’s clear that the issue is resonating with voters who are tired of paying high gas prices.

On the presidential campaign front, all the papers go inside with Obama’s June fundraising numbers. Despite all the tales that predicted doom, which, admittedly, TP ate up, the presumptive Democratic nominee raised $52 million last month, more than twice the amount that McCain raised. Obama also helped his party almost catch up to McCain and the Republican National Committee. Still, as impressive as the figure might sound, the NYT notes, it’s “on pace with, or slightly below, projections that campaign aides have set for party fund-raisers.” The figure would have been a record, except Obama raised about $3 million more in February.




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