Análisis de la cobertura periodística del proceso electoral

By Jesse Stanchak, Slate Magazine

The Los Angeles Times leads with a series of bleak predictions for GOP candidates in Senate races this fall. Senate seats that have gone to Republicans for a quarter century or more are in play for the Democrats this fall, according to the LAT. The paper says that even National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., feels his party will be doing well if it loses only three or four seats. The paper ascribes the electoral shift to a combination of GOP scandals and unexpected retirements, along with the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., which is expected to boost turnout among Democrats.

The NYT covers Sen. John McCain’s troubles with public speaking. McCain, R-Ariz., freely admits he feels more comfortable speaking off the cuff than reading from a teleprompter. The paper reports that this can lead to some awkward moments when McCain is reading a prepared speech. The campaign’s response to this is three-pronged. First, play up town-hall meetings and other unscripted appearances; second, coach him to develop a more natural speaking style when reading prepared material; and last, frequently compliment Obama’s speaking style in a way that downplays the importance of eloquence.


The WP fronts a pretty forgettable piece on Obama talking religion on the campaign trail. Obama is trying to appeal to religious voters by playing up his own faith in a way that McCain does not. Obama says he doesn’t necessary expect to win a majority of evangelical voters, but hopes to make a dent in what has traditionally been a conservative leaning voter bloc.





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