Análisis del tratamiento periodístico del proceso electoral

By Daniel Politi, Today’s Papers

he Los Angeles Times leads with a look at how Barack Obama wants to get a record number of black voters to go to the polls in November as part of his strategy to win five key battleground states. Aides have identified “a gold mine” of new voters and will target them with the help of Obama’s deep pockets and sophisticated techniques that were critical to Bush’s victories in several crucial swing states. But strategists insist he has to play a delicate balancing act in order to avoid the appearance that he’s “exploiting race or running solely as a black candidate,” which could hurt his chances with white, working-class voters who didn’t support him in the primaries.

The NYT fronts a look at Obama’s close ties to domestic ethanol producers. The presumptive nominee represents the country’s second largest corn-producing state, so it’s hardly a secret that he’s a big supporter of ethanol as an alternative fuel. Today, the NYT notes that several of his advisers and biggest supporters have close ties to the ethanol industry. Obama’s campaign insists the presumptive nominee’s views have nothing to do with where he’s from or any pressure from special interests. But the NYT points out that the presumptive nominee is against removing the tariffs on Brazilian ethanol that is made from sugar cane even though it is much more efficient. Instead, Obama favors awarding subsidies to farmers and imposing the tax on imports so the United States can build “energy independence.”


Quote of the day: “Republicans say [Karl] Rove is the architect,” a GOP insider tells the Post. “He’s the architect of our demise.”


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