Análisis de la cobertura informativa del proceso electoral

By Daniel Politi, Today’s Papers


The LAT fronts last night’s forum on faith, where the Democratic presidential contenders continued fighting over a recent comment made by Sen. Barack Obama in which he said that small-town voters are “bitter” and so they “cling to guns or religion.” The NYT does a little analysis of the candidates’ body languages and says they exchanged “frosty glances” when “their paths briefly crossed on stage.” The issue quickly came up again last night as Sen. Hillary Clinton called Obama’s comments “elitist, out of touch and, frankly, patronizing.” Clinton said Obama would once again make people think that Democrats feel superior and don’t understand the plight of regular Americans. Obama tried to clarify the statements and called his wording “clumsy.” In a separate campaign event, Obama said he expected these kind of tactics from Sen. John McCain but not Clinton. “She knows better. Shame on her,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Post fronts a look at how two prominent antiabortion Democrats have endorsed Obama, a candidate who has been a big supporter of abortion rights. Sen. Robert Casey Jr. and former congressman Timothy Roemer are campaigning for Obama and saying that he could help create some common ground in this incredibly divisive issue. The endorsements could help Obama in Pennsylvania and Indiana, although some antiabortion groups are making sure to send out information to supporters that spell out Obama’s abortion views. “For people who are not really digging into the background, support from someone like Roemer could have quite an impact,” the head of Indiana Right to Life said.

The Post notes that during this week’s visit by Pope Benedict XVI, the White House will hold a dinner in his honor. Only problem is that the pope won’t actually be there. “I’m sorry, the pope doesn’t attend a dinner in his honor?” a reporter asked. “How does that work?” The White House spokesman helpfully explained: “He doesn’t come into the building.”




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