Análisis de la cobertura informativa del proceso electoral

By Daniel Politi, Today’s News, Slate Magazine

The WP goes inside with a look at Bush’s claim that by keeping troop levels stable in Iraq until he leaves office, he’s doing the next president a favor because it increases the likelihood that security won’t deteriorate. There are those who agree with him, but others, particularly some Democrats, see a more nefarious motive to the move and contend that it’s merely Bush’s way to shift blame to the next administration. “He is going to do what Lyndon Johnson did: make sure the war was not lost on his watch,” a former president of the Council on Foreign Relations said. Meanwhile, in Iraq, fighting continued to rage in Sadr City, and three U.S. soldiers were killed in bomb attacks. Also yesterday, an Iraqi judicial committee ordered an Associated Press photographer who was detained nearly two years ago to be released.

The NYT notes inside that Sen. Barack Obama has added another detail about his life that he says gives him better foreign policy credentials than his rivals. On Sunday, Obama revealed that he took a trip to Pakistan when he was in college, which he didn’t mention in either of his books. It was because of this trip that “I knew what Sunni and Shia was before I joined the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,” he said. Obama said he’s confident of his foreign policy experience because his rivals have traveled the world as Washington officials, which gives them a narrow view of the countries they visit. A senior adviser to Sen. John McCain responds by saying McCain always strives to meet a variety of people when he goes abroad to get the big picture. “Oh, and as Senator Obama may know, he has actually spent some time living abroad as well.”



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