Análisis de la cobertura de la prensa de EU al proceso electoral

Logo de Slate By Daniel Politi, Today’s Papers,Salte Magazine
Financial news continues to get top billing as all the papers try to digest the latest news from the Federal Reserve and the markets to figure out how far the current crisis will spread.

As could be expected, the topic quickly spilled into the presidential campaign, which, as the NYT points out, shows how much the economy has taken over as the main issue of the day, even as the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq draws near. The Democratic candidates were quick to criticize the Bush administration for failing to do more to prevent the crisis from unraveling, but the LAT points out that “none of the candidates offered specific economic policy proposals beyond their past statements addressing the months-old housing mortgage crunch.”


Even their schedules illustrate how the contenders have been caught off-guard by the situation. Sen. Hillary Clinton was supposed to focus on Iraq this week, and Sen. Barack Obama will give what is being billed as a major speech on race today.

In the WP‘s op-ed page, Eugene Robinson writes that criticizing Bush is “not the same as charting a path out of this mess” and implores the candidates to start paying attention to the crisis in the economy.

In other campaign news, everyone notes that Florida Democrats appear to have given up on plans to redo the state’s presidential primary. This means the decision on whether to seat the state’s delegates at the convention once again falls on the Democratic National Committee. Meanwhile, officials in Michigan continued to debate whether to hold a new vote.



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