Hillary ClintonBarack Obama By Ryan Grim, Today’s Papers, Salte Magazine.

USA Today leads with fears among Democrats that attacks by Hillary Clinton on Barack Obama could cost the party the White House in November.

USAT has a harsh assessment of Clinton’s recent campaign tactics. The first line of its lead story: “Democrats are increasingly worried about their chances for victory in November after a series of attacks by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on rival Sen. Barack Obama’s leadership, credibility, readiness as commander in chief and, now, his ability to win the White House.”

Lorne Michaels can’t get too fired up, though, as the story quotes top Clinton pollster Mark Penn saying on a conference call Thursday that “Sen. Obama really can’t win the general election.” This angle throws out the standard practice whereby members of the same party insist that any fellow contender-Dennis Kucinich, whoever-would be able to beat the other party’s candidate.

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson clarified that Pennsylvania was the context of the remark. “If you don’t compete in Pennsylvania, you can’t win a general election,” he said. (President John Kerry won Pennsylvania in the general, as TP recalls.)



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