Análisis de la cobertura de la prensa de EU al proceso electoral

 By Barron YoungSmith for Today’s Papers, Slate Magazine

The New York Times leads with, and the Los Angeles Times reefers, Bush’s veto of a bill to stop the CIA from using harsh interrogation techniques like water-boarding. (The Washington Post reported the veto yesterday.)

The LAT leads with, and everyone else stuffs, Obama’s 61-38 win in the Wyoming caucus-a result Slate has already pronounced inconsequential. The WP leads with news that Clinton’s wins have persuaded uncommitted superdelegates to reserve judgment till June.

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., won Wyoming by a large margin. The NYT piece on the caucus notes Bill Clinton is openly talking about an “unstoppable” Clinton-Obama ticket.

A WP survey of 80 uncommitted superdelegates reveals that Clinton’s wins last week pushed many to remain undecided till June. If no candidate has a solid lead by then, the supers say they’ll trust their own judgment-with an eye to winning the White House and healing a divided party.

The NYT fronts an installment of its “The Long Run” series examining Obama’s first two years in the Senate. The piece hints at Obama’s dislike of legislative gridlock and his tendency to remain separate from the Senate fray.

GOP internecine war watch: In William F. Buckley’s absence, conservative wise man L. Brent Bozell penned a must-read WP op-ed calling John McCain’s attitude toward movement conservatives “beyond folly. It is political suicide.”

And you think superdelegates have it rough. The WP fronts a piece on the dilemma kids face when friended by their parents on Facebook. TP is accepting bets on how quickly this piece makes the “most e-mailed” list.



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