Análisis de la cobertura de la prensa de EU al proceso electoral

By Joshua Kucera para Today’s Papers, Slate Magazine

The top national story in all the papers is that the U.S. economy lost 63,000 jobs last month—the most in five years—the Labor Department announced yesterday. That news, coming on the heels of net losses the month before, makes it all but certain we are in or headed for a recession.

The Washington Post focuses on the political impact of the report, even though most of the presidential candidates didn’t really have anything new to say. President Bush said he’s got the situation under control and that the stimulus package approved last month—including $600 checks for most people—will give the economy a “booster shot.”

The NYT and Post both have front-page stories second-guessing Barack Obama’s strategy in light of his losses on Tuesday—the Times on his taking the high road and refraining from attacking Hillary Clinton, and the Post on Obama’s small-state strategy.
One of those small states, Wyoming, hasn’t had a presidential candidate visit in 20 years, and the race was so little-considered that there are no polls. But with the Democratic race still up in the air, the state’s caucuses are getting an unprecedented amount of attention, the Los Angeles Times reports. Obama and all three Clintons spent time there yesterday, hoping to get its 12 delegates in play today and some momentum for the bigger contests to come.



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